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Título Formalized music : thought and mathematics in compositionLibros / Impreso - Libro
Autor(es) Xenakis, Iannis (Autor)
Publicación New York : Pendragon Press, 1992
Descripción Física 389 p.
Idioma Inglés;
Series Harmonologia (6)
ISBN 9781576470794
Materia(s) Composición musical;
Nota(s) Contenido: Free Stochastic Music - Markovian Stochastic Music-Theory - Markovian Stochastic Music-Applications - Musical Strategy - Free Stochastic Music by Computer - Symbolic Music - Towards a Metamusic - Towards a Philosophy of Music - New Proposals in Microsound Structure - Concerning Time, Space and Music - Sieves - Sieves: A User's Guide - Dynamic Stochastic Synthesis - More Thorough Stochastic Music
Resumen The formalization that I attempted in trying to reconstruct part of the musical edifice ex nihilo has not used, for want of time or of capacity, the
most advanced aspects of philosophical and scientific thought. But the escalade is started an d others will certainly enlarge and extend the new thesis. This book is addressed to a hybrid public, but interdisciplinary hybridization frequently produces superb specimens.
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