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Título Acoustics: an introduction to Its physical principles and applicationsLibros / Impreso - Libro
Autor(es) Pierce, Allan D (Autor)
Publicación Sin lugar : Acoustical Publications, 1989
Descripción Física 678 p.
Idioma Inglés;
ISBN 0883186128
Materia(s) Sonido; Acústica; Ingeniería de sonido; Medición; Medición acústicas; Ondas sonoras;
Nota(s) Contenido: The wave theory of sound - Quantitative measures of sound - Reflection, transmission, and excitation of plane waves - Radiation from vibrating bodies - Radiation from sources near and on solid surfaces - Room acoustics - Low-frequency models of sound transmission - Ray acoustics - Scattering and diffraction - Effects of viscosity and other dissipative processes - Nonlinear effects in sound propagation
Resumen This book introduces the physical principles of acoustics. The predominant objective is to develop those concepts and points of view that have proven most useful in traditional realms of application such as noise control, underwater acoustics, architectural acoustics, audio engineering, nondestructive testing, remote sensing, and medical ultrasonics. The book is suitable as a text or as supplementary reading for
senior and first-year graduate students in engineering, physics, and mathematics
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