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Título State of the world: can a city be sustainable?Libros / Impreso - Libro
Autor(es) Gardner, Gary (Director de grupo)
Prugh, Tom (Director de grupo)
Renner, Michael (Director de grupo)
Publicación Washington, D.C : Island Press/Center for Resource Economics , 2016
Descripción Física 414 p.
Idioma Inglés;
ISBN 9781610917551
Materia(s) Geografía urbana; Espacio urbano; Desarrollo urbano; Desarrollo sostenible; Ciudad; Urbanismo sostenible;
Nota(s) Contenido: Imagining a Sustainable City - Cities in the Arc of Human History: A Materials Perspective - The City: A System of Systems -
Toward a Vision of Sustainable Cities - The Energy Wildcard: Possible Energy Constraints to Further Urbanization - The Urban Climate Challenge - Cities and Greenhouse Gas Emissions: The Scope of the Challenge - Urbanism and Global Sprawl - City View: Shanghai, China -
Reducing the Environmental Footprint of Buildings - City View: Freiberg, Germany - Energy Efficiency in Buildings: A Crisis of Opportunity -
City View: Melbourne, Australia - Is 100 Percent Renewable Energy in Cities Possible?- City View: Vancouver, Canada - Supporting Sustainable Transportation - Urban Transport and Climate Change - City View: Singapore - Source Reduction and Recycling of Waste - City View: Ahmedabad and Pune, India - Solid Waste and Climate Change - City View: Barcelona, Spain - Rural-Urban Migration, Lifestyles, and Deforestation - Politics, Equity, and Livability - Remunicipalization, the Low-Carbon Transition, and Energy Democracy - City View: Portland, Oregon, United States - The Vital Role of Biodiversity in Urban Sustainability - City View: Jerusalem, Israel - The Inclusive City: Urban Planning for Diversity and Social Cohesion - City View: Durban, South Africa - Urbanization, Inclusion, and Social Justice
Resumen This volume first puts our current moment in context, tracing cities in the arc of human history. It also examines the basic structural elements of every city: materials and fuels; people and economics; and biodiversity. In part two, professionals working on some of the world's most inventive urban sustainability projects share their first-hand experience. Success stories come from places as diverse as Ahmedabad, India; Freiburg, Germany; and Shanghai, China. In many cases, local people are acting to improve their cities, even when national efforts are stalled. Parts three and four examine cross-cutting issues that affect the success of all cities. Topics range from the nitty-gritty of handling waste and developing public transportation to civic participation and navigating dysfunctional government. Throughout, readers discover the most pressing challenges facing communities and the most promising solutions currently being developed. The result is a snapshot of cities today and a vision for global urban sustainability tomorrow.
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