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Título Iso 12913-1 Acoustics soundscape part 1: definition and conceptual framework. - 1 ed.Normas / Impreso - Normas
Autor(es) Organizacion Internacional para la Estandarizacion (ISO) (Autor Corporativo)
Publicación Geneva : ISO, 2014
Descripción Física 4 p.
Idioma Inglés;
Materia(s) Ingeniería de sonido; Normas (ingeniería); Acústica;
Nota(s) Contenido: ForeworId - Introduction - Scope - Terms and definitions - Conceptual framework of soundscape - General - Context - Sound sources
Acoustic environment - Auditory sensation - Interpretation of auditory sensation - Responses - Outcomes
Resumen Soundscape studies have a rich tradition[1],[2],[3],[4],[5]. Because the field has evolved differently around the world, as well as across disciplines, there is a diversity of opinions about its definition and aims. Consequently, the use of the term ‘soundscape’ has become idiosyncratic and ambiguous[6]. This International Standard aims to enable a broad international consensus on the definition of ‘soundscape’, to provide a foundation for communication across disciplines and professions with an interest in soundscape. There are similarities between the concepts of ‘landscape’[7] and ‘soundscape’; both are based on perception by people. For the purpose of this International Standard, soundscape will be understood as a perceptual construct, related to a physical phenomenon. The standard distinguishes the perceptual construct (soundscape) from the physical phenomenon (acoustic environment), and clarifies that soundscape exists through human perception of the acoustic environment.
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